In the name of Allah the most beneficent and the most Merciful

It is an established fact, based on available records, that a long and deep routed history has been  shared between India and Oman and it is being increasingly entrenched and consolidated over the passage of the time.

The design of the new website: originated by Cultural Division,
India is indebted to its sincere efforts and generous gesture to emphasize the values of cross-cultural communication in the framework of modern technology.

In fact it would be a useful website both for Omani students studying in
India and for aspirants from Oman, as it contains lots of useful information about the nature of life and procedure to study in India. In addition to that it also puts light on various significant courses offered by Indian educational institutes.

Since the student is regarded  as an ambassador to his country, reflecting its culture and values, so any contribution made in this regard would be an edition to the values of cultural cooperation and knowledge between the two countries in various disciplines of education.

We on our part appreciate such  moves taken by the Cultural Division and wish that all students with their talent in various fields should give creative touches to the Cultural Division in a way that looks like mirror wherein any body can gauge their activities, development and talent achieved by students studying in

We wish their success in all their endeavors.

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